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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Bacon or not Bacon?

Even as the nation is griped in fear over the current outbreak of swine flu, a new challenger to its crown has emerged; again biding it’s time in our favourite meat vending machine, the swine AKA P.I.G. The new challengers name is not in fact new at all. Like flu it’s as old as humans themselves, Ebola.

Let me say that again, EBOLA…….That brief pause was for you to shit yourself. According to researchers the virus has been spotted in P.I.G for the first time in history. That’s along time. Why the fear? Why the fuck do you think? Are you retarded? Have you never seen Outbreak? Have you not seen what this fucking virus does? It eats you and makes you bleed like a nun being broken into! Screw the flu this bitch is going to fuck us over!

There is no evidence at all that this new swine Ebola virus can be passed on to humans. Just like there was no evidence that swine flu could do the same. We are all fine. Be calm in your happy hippy blue sky world where pigs don’t eat humans alive.

I’m off for a BLT, no fucking virus is going to stop me from enjoying that. You take your swine disease shit and shove up a lambs arse!


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