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Sunday, June 28, 2009

BFA launched KFC to carry products.

Twickenham, England, UK, EU, Earth, Sol, Milky way: In a ground breaking revelation the British Foreskin Association was launched today with a revolutionary nutritional supplement, the lane box. The lane box is the culmination of decades of research by the BFA to find the ultimate hydronogious food snack. When consulted fat mother fuckers overwhelminingly wanted to cut out the protein from their diet and be left with the sensational taste of death that no other substance but foreskin can provide. The lane box contains 100% man flesh foreskin marinated in serveral different flavours. An exluclusive deal with KFC whereby they will be the sole retailers of the revolutionary lane box.

In a statement from BFA cheif, Joey Shabadousch, stated, "We thought long and hard about who we would allow to erect our logo and retail our unique product, many retailers were considered, however the overwhelming majority of our board chose KFC in the bell end. KFC was chosen for it's demographic of fat motherfuckers that like nothing better than to ruin a healthy meal of chicken by wraping it in exrement".

Details reveal the marianation programme of the foreskin is taken very seriously by the newly formed BFA. Only BFA approved fannys are to be used for the marination program, these fanny's must undergoe rigerious testing from the potentional foreskin donar with BFA member witness present. The BFA also revealed that it will soon launch a rebranded version of the intercontinental dick converter to enable the fannyless marination of foreskin in the near future.

Exciteing times for lard eating cunts that have never seen their own foreskin!


Blogger eadipus said...

i appreciate your comments on the current state of foreskin farming. The conditions in the battery foreskin farms are horrendous.

But at the same time I cannot see an alternative source for my deep fried battered foreskin rings.

Those delicious battered rings of discarded skin are the reason I get up in the morning and the reason my thighs rub together. Without them I would be driven to suicide.

Can you suggest an alternative source of my deep fried phallic top-chop?

3:45 am

Blogger mcmonkey said...

Your concerns are well founded sir. However rest assured the new intercontinental dick converter will revolutionise foreskin farming to make it much more humane.

Till then, look for the BFA logo on all your phallic food stuffs to ensure the safe fair treatment of all peni.

11:47 am


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